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Behavioural Supports Ontario

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) offers a service for older adults with complex and “responsive” behaviours linked to (dementia, neurological conditions, substance use and mental illness).   Person centered care and support for this population and their caregiver will be provided wherever they live –at home, in long-term care, or elsewhere.

The term “responsive behaviours” represents an unmet need(s) or desire that may be expressed by the individual in the form of mood changes; verbal or physical responses such as agitation, wandering, aggression; sexual expressiveness, etc.

BSO has developed and implemented new care models focusing on quality of care and quality of life for persons with complex behaviours. These people need to be cared for in a way that respects their individuality. Their care plan may adjust their environment, change the way their caregivers relate to them, or find meaningful activities for them to do. The individual programs will additionally help reduce the risks to themselves and others.

Criteria for program consideration:

The program is supported by the leadership of the North East Local Health Integrated Network (NELHIN) and coordinated by the North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC). The Clinical Behaviour Response Specialist is linked with existing seniors’ mental health teams, other agencies and long-term homes in this area.

A referral may be made on behalf of the older adult or caregiver by anybody; including the older adult, caregiver/substitute decision maker and health care professionals.

CONTACT 1-855-BSO-NE13 (1 855 276 6313)


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