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Supervised Consumption Services

Artwork: Mique Michelle; Grondin, Beau. International Overdose Awareness Day Mural.  2019. Timmins, Ontario.

About Us – Timmins and Area Drug Strategy (TADS)

The proposed SCS site has been and continues to be a collaborative effort with ongoing endorsement, support and partnership from Timmins and Area Drug Strategy Steering committee agencies.

The Timmins and Area Drug Strategy is a community group with members from various health, social and justice organizations, working collaboratively to reduce the range of harms associated with substance use.

TADS works to address substance use across the pillars of prevention, treatment, harm reduction, enforcement, and emergency management.

The TADS steering committee recognizes the importance of having supervised consumption services in our area as one part of a larger, comprehensive drug strategy.

Applying for a SCS site in Timmins is just one example of the collaborative community work that is underway in the region to address opioid use and overdoses.

Updates on the planning process for a proposed SCS site will be shared here.

Supervised consumption site

This information is about a proposed provincially funded, permanent Supervised Consumption Services site (SCS) in Timmins. This is not about the temporary site called Safe Health Site Timmins. Safe Health Site Timmins (currently operated by Timmins and District Hospital, is in place until we can secure a permanent SCS site for Timmins (we will only have one site total).

Both types of sites are Supervised Consumption Services sites (or overdose prevention sites) where people can access medical support to prevent overdose deaths. However, the main differences between the two types of sites are:

Supervised Consumption Service Site (SCS) / Consumption Treatment Services site (CTS)

While the Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane-Timiskaming branch (CMHA-CT) will be the operator of the proposed site, this initiative has been and continues to be a collaborative effort with ongoing endorsement, support and partnership from Timmins and Area Drug Strategy (TADS) Steering committee agencies.

Urgent Public Health Needs Site (UPHNS) / Safe Health Site Timmins

For more information on Safe Health Site Timmins and the benefits of Supervised Consumption Services sites, visit

Application Status Updates:

Establishing a provincially funded SCS site requires an application to Health Canada for an exemption to Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and an application for funding from the provincial government.

Two separate applications were submitted on January 27, 2023, by the Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane-Timiskaming (CMHA CT) as the operator/applicant:

Health Canada (federal)

Ministry of Health (provincial)

What are Supervised Consumption Services (SCS)?

In Ontario, provincially funded Supervised Consumption Services sites (SCS) are referred to as Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS).

A Supervised Consumption Services site is a controlled space where people can consume their own pre-obtained drugs under supervision of trained staff who can respond if a medical emergency (overdose) occurs. People who use the service can access basic medical care, referrals to treatment services, withdrawal beds, and other health and social services.

Supervised consumption services sites help save lives and create safer communities. Research shows that SCS sites provide the following benefits:


Feasibility Study / Community Surveys

A general consultation about establishing Supervised Consumption Services in Timmins was completed via surveys (prior to proposing a specific location). 59% of the 529 respondents said they see benefit in having an overdose prevention site in Timmins. A separate consultation involving 107 people who use drugs found that 74% said they would use a CTS.

Partner Survey

General Public Survey (May 1 – 31, 2022)

People Who Inject Drugs Survey (March– August, 2022)

A summary of the results of all surveys is available here.

Operator – Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane- Timiskaming (CMHA-CT)

Site Evaluation

Following the application processes and site requirements (as outlined by the Ministry of Health and Health Canada), 21 Cedar Street North has been determined to be the most appropriate location for the proposed permanent Supervised Consumption Services site (also known in Ontario as Consumption Treatment Services).

Based on criteria outlined by the province, the location needs to be:

Other key considerations leading to 21 Cedar Street North as the location of the proposed site:

The site evaluation process:

Community Information Sessions

Timmins Business Improvement Association (BIA) Session

Timmins Chamber of Commerce Session

Municipal Endorsement

The Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit Endorsement

In Progress

Neighbourhood Engagement

The purpose of engagement is to advise the community of the details of the site and of supervised consumption services in general and to identify concerns so that strategies can be planned and put in place to address them.


Ongoing Engagement

Why Timmins Needs a Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) site

Our public health unit area had the second highest rate of opioid overdose deaths in the province in 2020. The fourth highest rate in 2021.

Timmins has the highest rate of opioid overdose deaths in the province compared to other medium population centres.

One of the greatest risk factors for dying from an opioid overdose is using alone. Most people who die of opioid poisoning are using alone – In three out of four opioid-related deaths, no one was present to intervene. The current drug supply is contaminated with toxic fentanyl analogues and using alone may result in death. Having a supervised consumption site eliminates many overdose risk factors, including using alone.

Other Resources


Please direct all questions related to the proposed permanent SCS site to the CMHA-CT Communications Department.

Email: [email protected]

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